Global Educators Cohort Program - Teacher Education

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Michigan State University

1997-present Administration and Governance of Postsecondary Institutions
Leadership in Postsecondary Institutions
Case Studies in Educational Leadership
Planning, Evaluation and Decision Making
Community Colleges
Faculty Roles for the 21st Century
Collegiate Contexts for Teaching and Learning
Organizational Theory
Practicum in Student Affairs

University of Kansas

1989-present Governance and Administration of Higher Education
Introduction to Administration of Higher Education
The College Student
Faculty Issues
Qualitative Methods in Administration
Proseminar in Higher Education
Instructional Leadership Program: Leadership Seminar
Current Issues in Higher Education
Administrative Issues in Higher Education
Women in Organizations

The Pennsylvania State University

1986-1989 Issues in Higher Education
Penn State Students and Their University
Higher Education in the United States
Leadership Seminar (Team Taught)